Properties on MyVegas are buildings that are built throughout the game. Some minor properties are automatically available at the start of the game, and hotel properties are made available once the player reaches are certain level. Chips and Loyalty Points can be collected from properties after given wait times.

Building properties Edit

Once a player reaches the required level, "V" symbols start appearing in games. Players must collect a certain amount of "V" symbols to build each part. Once all the parts are finished, the player can build the property on the MyVegas Strip and the collect from it.

Collecting from properties Edit

Properties can be collected from to received collection rewards. Each property has an associated wait time.

Property list Edit

The following properties are available on the "Strip" of the game.

Hotel Level Needed to Build Collection Reward Wait Time to Collect
Grand Canyon Tours
Grand Canyon Tours (available at start of game) MyVegas Chip 25 chips 1 hour
Drive Through Wedding Chapel
Drive-through wedding chapel (available at start of game) MyVegas Chip 25 chips 1 hour
Tattoo Plaza
Tattoo shop plaza (available at start of game) MyVegas Chip 15 chips 1 hour
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck (between New York-New York and Excalibur) (available at start of game) MyVegas Chip 20 chips 1 hour
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo 1 MyVegas Chip 200 chips 2 hours
Circus Circus
Circus Circus 4 MyVegas Chip 250 chips 2 hours
New York-New York
New York-New York 6 MyVegas Chip 250-300 chips 2 hours
Mirage 10 MyVegas Chip 800 chips 4 hours
Excalibur 18 MyVegas Chip 950 chips 4 hours
Bellagio 28 MyVegas Chip 1000 chips 4 hours
Luxor 38 MyVegas Chip 1800 chips 7 hours
Aria 48 MyVegas Chip 2200 chips 6 hours
Mandalay Bay 58 MyVegas Chip 2800 chips 6 hours
MGM Grand 68 100 Loyalty Points 8 hours