Bet the Farm
MyVegas Bet The Farm
Facebook Version
Level unlocked 13
Slot type 3D
Size 3x3
Bonus Type Wheel spin with 2nd chance
Mobile Version
Bet The Farm is 3-reel slot game that is only available on the Facebook version of MyVegas.

Gameplay Edit

Players play as a farmer developing their farm. When a player gets three matching crops, that crop is planted. Once the player gets a certain number of those crops, the crop is "harvested" and the player wins chips.

Crops Edit

Crop Number of matches needed to harvest Winnings
Strawberry 2 2× bet
Pepper 2 2× bet
Tomato 3 3× bet
Almond 3 3× bet
Apricot 4 3.2× bet
Watermelon 4 4× bet

Spin the wheel bonus Edit

When a player gets a bonus, a roulette wheel is spun. They player can then choose to either collect their win, or "bet the farm."

Betting the farm Edit

Betting the farm

Players can choose to collect their winnings or "bet the farm" for a chance to get a better prize.

If they bet the farm, they can spin again to potentially get a higher bonus. But during this next spin, there are several chances to get a "disaster." If the player gets a disaster, all of their crops are destroyed.

However, before betting the farm, the player has a chance to buy farm insurance. Farm insurance costs tokens, but if the player lands on the "disaster" tile, they simply collect their previous winnings.

Obtaining buildings Edit

When betting the farm, players can win other building types, such as a water tower, a windmill, a tractor, goats, llamas, a pigpen, chickens, an outhouse, and a pond. It is unclear what the buildings do or how they impact gameplay and winnings.

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